Legendary P

Who Got The Juice?



Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, rapper, “J Pressure”, began his journey. In junior high, he realized rap was his calling and his passion. That passion led him to be in the right place at the right time. During those early days there was a movie filming in his Bronx neighborhood and a friend suggested he venture outside in hopes for an opportunity to show his talent. It was that passion and talent that landed him role in the movie “ Finding Forrester ” starring Sean Connery and Rob Brown directed by Gus Van Sant. As opening credits roll we can see and hear J Pressure performing his self-written lyrics.

J Pressure started laying down his lyrics on his first mixtape release in 2010 giving his fans high-energy songs like “ Fresh Air ” and “ Roc A Bye ” from his mixtape called “Follow Me – Vol. 1”. J Pressure’s successful premiere video off the follow up 2011 mixtape release “ Who got the Juice? ” produced by his team TLE (The Legend Establishment) was called “ Disgusting ” and directed by Mandela Gregorie . This gave fans a way to see the raw, dark, gritty side of J Pressure. Solidifying his diversity he collaborated with several artists in 2012 and is seen as a memorable feature on freestyle rap video called “ I’m On ” directed by Mills Miller . Fans have been and are now ready for the kind of diverse Hip-Hop flow that J Pressure brings as he represents the New York streets. Other videos like “ Reppin ” awaken New York’s loyal rap fans and is a perfect prelude to the mixtape premiere of “ Legendary P ” in 2013 and it’s first video, “ Forever Mackin ”.

The world renowned DJ, DJ Enuff , had this to say after listening to several tracks off the mixtape, Wow… the mixtape is pretty dope! He might be able to fill in that void right now.

Since the release of the successful Legendary P mixtape, J Pressure has released 2 new videos for 2014. The film noir video piece called “ Dream Bigger than Life ” and the fast paced and powerful “ I Don’t Care ” video.

He has also appeared on the Shade45’s “ SWAY in the Morning ”, on the Freestyle Friday’s segment. A high energy and memorable performance. We gonna let this moment breathe for a second. says SWAY taking pause after being hit with J Pressure’s freestyle. A must see! J Pressure has talent and longevity in today's Hip-Hop genre.